Programmer Pete is a Business Intelligence Developer who switched careers from Recruiting to IT at the age of 25.

After spending years hiring many software developers, I decided that I wanted to become one myself.  I went home from my recruiting job each night and spent hours teaching myself how to code.  I knew the requirements that hiring managers were looking for so I tried to target my resume to stand out despite not having any prior experience as a developer.  Soon enough, I was getting calls, scheduling interviews, and eventually landed a job.  I started Programming and worked my way up from a Data Analyst to a programmer at a large company in Philadelphia.

I created this blog to not only write about IT and help give tips to others, but to help people who want to make a switch in their careers.  You’d be surprised how many people switch paths mid-way through their career.   I went from a non-technical job in the staffing industry to coding as a technical developer.  My goal is to help software developers learn as much as they can to start programming, get a job, and advance in the IT industry.

I hope that my unique career path is enough inspiration for you to read some of what I have to say.